Advancing Additive Metal Technology through Collaboration and Research

1. Juni 2023 AlumniStipendium
Meet Ing. Jan Jaroš, an accomplished Ph.D. student and assistant at the Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic.

With a focus on additive metal technology, specifically laser powder bed fusion, Ing. Jan Jaroš has been working extensively with magnesium alloys to develop dense parts with low weight, employing innovative lattice structures. In addition to his research pursuits, Jan also contributes to various projects and imparts knowledge as an assistant at the university.

Recently, Jan embarked on a month-long research project in Austria through "Aktion Austria-Czech Republic", which centered around analyzing the porosity of additively fabricated lattice structures made from magnesium alloy WE43. This endeavor involved utilizing computed tomography (microCT), a complementary field to his current research. By combining additive technology and microCT, Jan explored the evaluation of manufactured parts, particularly their porosity.

During his time at the University of Upper Austria in Wels, he acquired invaluable expertise in porosity analysis, encompassing sample scanning, data reconstruction, and data processing. The knowledge gained from this collaboration will significantly enhance his future research, facilitating effective collaboration between additive part production and sample quality analysis.

  • Current position:  Assistant at Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)
  • Home institution: Brno University of Technology
  • City of home institution: Brno, Czech Republic
  • Scholarship: Aktion Österreich-Tschechien
  • Duration: 5.2023