Aktivitäten von Stipendiat/innen

Austrian-Nepalese research on green technologies preventing landslides and floods

10. September 2021ScholarsAlumni

Former OeAD scholar Madhu Sudan Acharya received a research project within the OeAD programme Cooperation Development Research. The project is about the use of green and …

Austria: Where I learned and improved myself

31. August 2021ScholarsAlumni

I first came to Austria in April 2013 for my PhD studies at the Faculty of Informatics, Vienna, University of Technology (TU Wien). I was very fortunate that my wife, too, received …

events4scholars: Hiking trip to Schneeberg

19. August 2021Scholars

Excursion to the highest mountain in Lower Austria

Andjela Vlahovic erhält Auszeichnung für ihre Masterarbeit

12. Juli 2021ScholarsAlumni

OeAD Scholar Andjela Vlahovic wurde mit dem Annual Central Bank of Montenegro Award 2021 in der Kategorie der besten Masterarbeit ausgezeichnet.

Looking into the Future: Forecasting Space Weather with Artificial Intelligence.

22. Juni 2021ScholarsAlumni

OeAD Online Alumni Talks with Randa Natras, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuesday, 11 May 2021. Have you ever met a person able to look into the future? Randa Natras, former OeAD scholarship holder, looks into the future from a completely scientific point of view, forecasting space …