Rezic Iva, Croatia

Iva Rezic © Iva Rezic
  • Employment: Docent at the University of Zagreb, Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Textile Technology
  • Scholarship: OeAD Grant
  • Duration: 2004/2005
  • Philosophy of Life: Live long and prosper!

Curriculum Vitae

Iva Rezic holds a PhD in natural sciences (chemistry, analytical chemistry) from the University of Zagreb. Currently, Iva is working as a docent at the University of Zagreb, Department of Applied Chemistry. In this position she is conducting several courses for students (Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Instrumental analytical methods) and various research projects. Iva worked in diverse positions: She was a guitar teacher and a researcher at the Croatian Restoration Institute (chemical analysis of museum objects).


In 2004/2005 I received an Austrian scholarship thanks to which I did my first PhD research at the Institute of Analytical Chemistry, University of Vienna. I was working on my dissertation entitled "Application of ICP-OES: Determination of heavy metals in textile extracts after applying ultrasonic and microwave techniques" under the supervision of professor Ilse Steffan. Our cooperation was continued between 2006 and 2007 on the basis of the bilateral Croatian-Austrian project "Impact of heavy metals from textiles on human health". My cooperation with Austrian colleagues has been continuing till today through cooperation with researchers from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna and the Technical University Vienna. From my work in Austria, I have gained lots of benefits. Firstly, I have learned to use sophisticated instrumental methods (like inductively coupled plasma – optical emission spectrometry and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry), which we did not have at that time at the Department of Applied Chemistry in Zagreb. Thanks to my Austrian experience, I was able to acquire those methods and incorporate them into my own research. Furthermore, I got in touch with the Austrian culture, with leading figures in my research area, and I found a lot of new friends and precious partners for my future research. In fact, I believe that the skills and the knowledge obtained from my experience with Austrian colleagues have helped me to become an independent researcher, a project manager and a group leader, as well as an active member of the Croatian and European scientific community. As a result, I can say that today I have a successful career: I lead my own research group and we are just building a new laboratory for the monitoring of nanoparticles in environmental samples; I am the Editor-in-chief of a scientific journal, the editor of four journals, and a reviewer for 31 scientific journals and international projects. I have finished two PhD studies, published more than 54 papers, one university handbook and four book chapters and I have established collaboration with colleagues around the world. Therefore, I am grateful to Austria from the bottom of my heart, since your support through scholarships, grants and projects was crucial for my career as well as for my professional and personal development.