Mansour Attallah, Eygpt

Portrait Mansour Attalah © OeAD / Cavallotti
  • Employment: University Assistant professor at the Faculty of Physical Education, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Scholarship: Ernst Mach Grant - worldwide
  • Duration: 10/2017 – 06/2018
  • Motto: Be one of those who makes life good

Curriculum Vitae

Mansour Attallah got his bachelor degree and his job as a staff member at the Faculty of Physical Education, Alexandria University in 2006 and his Ph.D. degree in sport Biomechanics in 2014. He was teaching the biomechanics of sport and Human movement including courses on motor control and motor learning, anatomy, qualitative and quantitative motion analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition, he was responsible for the training in motion analysis software and the equipment in the biomechanics laboratory. Mansour Attallah participated in many conferences of sports biomechanics and training courses in Europe and was a member of the European College of Sport Science and other associations.


Since I am now a University assistant professor, I plan to become one of the expert professors in sports biomechanics. Scientific projects and publications in peer-reviewed journals are one of the most important aims for my career. I was looking forward to using my scientific experience as well as my practical abilities to establish a long time communication with foreign professors to share scientific visits as well as cooperation in joint research projects. So I was taking this opportunity to carry out my study in Austria at one of the most important scientific laboratories in the European Union very seriously. This opportunity made me keen to build a high standard laboratory which contains the most recent facilities and equipment that help the researchers to carry out their studies in my country. I am looking forward to using my experience in projects to serve my community and raise the efficiency of the human performance. Finally, I would like to thank OeAD for giving me this chance to achieve my goal.