Entrepreneurship Education in Burkina Faso

18. Jänner 2024 PartnerschaftenEntwicklungsforschung
Final conference February 2023
The successful completion of the collaborative project between BIT and FH JOANNEUM has strengthened entrepreneurial education, fostered innovative teaching methods, and established enduring partnerships, contributing to the SDGs.

The transformative KoEF 10/2019 project Entrepreneurship Education in Burkina Faso has come to a successful conclusion. The collaboration between the Burkina Faso Institute of Technology (BIT) and FH JOANNEUM focused on equipping BIT faculty with entrepreneurial skills. In four phases, including a workshop in Austria, a pilot entrepreneurship training in Burkina Faso and the development of an educational framework, innovative teaching methods were exchanged and practical skills were taught.

A key moment was the joint conference in February 2023, where entrepreneurs, teachers and students discussed strategies for cooperation between educational institutions and start-ups. Workshops on design thinking and entrepreneurship for engineers provided valuable insights for BIT students.

The project contributed significantly to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the areas of education, poverty alleviation, decent work and economic growth. The results achieved, such as strengthened entrepreneurial skills and lasting partnerships, will be sustained through ongoing collaborations, research projects and student exchanges.

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