AAL_21_with Miguel Vazquez Pufleau

1. February 2019 PodcastsAlumni

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A problem solver of complex technical issues and processes tells his story – because pigeonholing is passè.

In his current research, Miguel Vazquez Pufleau investigates the processes around the growth of aerosol particles - or condensation nuclei - on which liquids condense in the course of certain processes. For this he builds reactors himself, bombards the particles with the laser, measures, calculates and observes - mostly on the computer, because this nucleation is lightning fast. Once you can describe these processes accurately, you can also use them, e.g. for the treatment or coating of surfaces in different contexts or in meteorology.

In his career, which led him to Austria for the first time in 2008 as Ernst Mach scholarship holder, he deals with aerosols and their use for processes for quite a long time. These are equally relevant to both industry and research, and Miguel Pufleau likes to face complex challenges that require creative approaches.

Originally from Mexico, he completed most of his education in the USA. Since 2017 he is now at the University of Vienna at the Institute of Aerosol Physics.