Omer Suljevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Omer Suljevic © Katharina Hillisch
  • Current position: 6th year medical student at the Medical Faculty, University of Sarajevo
  • Scholarship: CEEPUS Freemover Programme
  • Duration: 09.2018–10.2018
  • Motto: "Vincit qui se vincit" – "He conquers who conquers himself."

Curriculum Vitae

Omer Suljevic is currently a final year medical student at the Medical Faculty of the University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, he is a member of the Association for Development of Medical Researches in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their goal is the improvement in the theoretical and practical area of Anaesthesiology. Besides that, he is a member of the Organizing committee of the 11th Sarajevo Anaesthesia Forum that will be held in April 2019 and the main topic will be preoperative assessment and ICU treatment in Anaesthesia and pain management in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. He managed the “10th Sarajevo Anaesthesia Forum, Difficult Airway Management Workshop” which was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia in May 2018. He participated in several surgical scientific meetings, among which the “International Symposium of Plastic Surgeons” in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 2017 and the “Days of BHAAS Plastic Surgery Conference” in Jahorina, Bosnia in 2018. He has done a summer internship at the University Clinical Centre of Sarajevo, Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, and Clinic for Abdominal Surgery in August 2018. Also, he is the co-author of several research papers that emphasize the importance of correct preoperative assessment and maintenance of airway in anaesthesia. The Medical Faculty of Sarajevo University is connected with the Graz Medical University through the CEEPUS exchange programme, that allows medical students and young doctors to visit LKH Klinikum Graz and to acquire knowledge and new medical treatment methods.


The OeAD grant under the CEEPUS Freemover Programme had an imponderable impact on my personal and professional development as a young doctor, because it enabled me to work for one month at the Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department of LKH University Clinic in Graz. I managed to be an assistant to one of the leading Austrian Plastic surgeons Prof. Dr. Stephan Spendel, whom I want to thank for the incredible theoretical and practical knowledge he passed on to me. An every day experience of working in an operation room helped me acquire and improve my practical and theoretical skills which will be of great significance for my further medical doctor career. From many of the interesting cases that I have assisted in the operating room I would like to emphasize a 6 hour long clavicular reconstruction with free fibula flap, excision of a lip hemangioma in a 2 year old patient, and various breast reconstruction surgeries. Form the intercultural experiences I would like to emphasize that being every day at the Clinic improved my German language skills and I got a chance to share experiences in medicine with Austrian doctors and medical students. The time I spent at the Clinic gave me an insight to the medical academic society of Austria which is highly developed. I had a hands-on experience in new medical treatments methods that will be useful for my further career. I got insights of a proper healthcare system that has a positive outcome for both patients and medical workers. While being in Austria, I had the opportunity to work using new medical treatment methods which will be useful for my further research papers and my practical work.