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Alumni AudioLab is a monthly podcast series where alumni of the OeAD talk about themselves and their research. The OeAD brings together researchers from all over the world and from different fields of research who spent part of their research career in Austria – some of them have even stayed here. In the Alumni AudioLab they tell their stories, talk about their scientific ambitions, their motivations and their personal backgrounds. It is an open format for all those who are not only interested in science as such but also in the people behind it.

Research cooperation between Armenia and Austria

14. February 202459:49PodcastsDevelopment ResearchResearcher

Effective solutions across borders, disciplines, institutions and cultures. (in German)

AAL_39 with Apinun Limmongkon

21. March 202234:08PodcastsAlumniResearcher

Biochemist with heart and soul, who "stresses" plants to get secondary plant active ingredients

AAL_38 Alumni AudioLab with Crista Stubbs

21. December 202130:49PodcastsAlumniResearcher

Crista Stubbs conducts research on the role of local ecosystems in the fight against climate change.

AAL_37 Alumni AudioLab with Oliver Hauser

4. November 202152:58PodcastsResearcher

Innsbruck - Harvard - Exeter - from physics to biology to "BIG Ideas"

AAL_36 Alumni AudioLab with Tigran Keryan

11. August 202155:47PodcastsAlumniResearcher

In this podcast, the Armenian sustainability researcher talks about his research and his transdisciplinarity approach.