EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion

Euraxess – Researchers in Motion is the portal to attractive research careers in Europe and a pool of world-class research talents. By supporting the mobility of researchers, Euraxess assists in establishing Europe as an area of excellence in scientific research. Here you find constantly updated job vacancies, funding opportunities and fellowships throughout Europe as well as career development ressources for you and your organisation. The portal assists you and your family to plan and organise your stay in the European research area.


What we do for researchers and research organisations

The OeAD is partner of the European network and acts together with the Research Promotion Agency - FFG  as Austrian bridgehead organisation and Euraxess Centre. All regional OeAD offices and the OeAD student housing are Euraxess Centres as well. The OeAD maintains the national Euraxess website and the LinkedIn page.

We offer:

  • Information and counselling in the following fields:
    • Fellowships and research funding
    • Visa, entry and residence permits
    • Work permits
    • Housing
  • Collaboration in the EU project ERA Talent Platform for career development of researchers in Europe (successor to EURAXESS Hubs and the TOP projects). This project started in March 2023 and aims to further develop the services provided by the existing EURAXESS network and embed them in a new ERA Talent Platform. A total of 34 partner organisations/countries are involved, the project runs until February 2026.
    The OeAD is involved in the following work packages:
    • Networking activities focusing on socio-cultural and academic integration of international researches and orientation for international researchers,
    • Communities of Practice: Exchange of information with other EURAXESS centers on social integration and dual career
    • Establishement of a new ERA Talent platform

Former project participations

EURAXESS Austria was partner in the EU projects Euraxess TOP III, Euraxess TOP IV. BRiDGE II and Euraxess Hubs with the following focus:

  • Dual Career Service: 
    The report “An Analysis of Dual Career and Integration Services (DCIS)” was produced within the project Euraxess TOP III with the goal of analysing as well as exchanging knowledge of best practice examples. A report maps the landscape of DCIS in six European countries (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland) and provides a number of great general and local recommendations for those who are working with DCIS or just starting to implement services.
    The OeAD coordinates the expert group for "Dual Careers and Social Integration" in the Euraxess TOP IV project. The OeAD is member of the Austrian Network for Dual Career (ANDC).
  • Local networking between international and local researchers and their partners/families:
    The networking platform Euraxess Meeting Point Vienna offered different tools to support exchange and collaboration of PhD students, post docs and researchers in the Vienna area in order to facilitate social integration of internationals.
  • Refugee initiatives
    The project results have been published in a Guide on Labour Market Integration of Refugee Researchers. The guide provides helpful information for refugee researchers on the integration in the European labour market and tools and resources for staff mentoring refugee researchers. Besides through refugee researchers can also access further information specific to the Austrian labour market as well as information on opportunities for refugees in the field of higher education in general.
  • Implementation of national Euraxess activities
    Organisation of national Euraxess events and activities, study visits, trainings, etc. for Euraxess members
  • Gender
    The OeAD was involved in the Euraxess Hubs project in the task "Gender overview, learning and sharing" and was also involved in the implementation of the website "Gender Equality Plans". In addition, the OeAD created a EURAXESS Career Story with the Austrian researcher Johanna Pirker.