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Reunion in Leiden - Annual Convention of the Centres for Austrian Studies

20. June 2022NetzwerkAlumniHigher Education

From June 8-12, 2022, the Annual Convention of the Centres for Austrian Studies took place in Leiden. The last meeting was held in Vienna in 2019.

Academic abilities acquired in Austria will be fundamental for my career goals

20. June 2022ScholarsAlumni

Roberta Azevedo Silveira from Brazil is an Ernst Mach scholarship holder currently studying at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences. Since September 2021, she is studying …

How my life changed by chance

8. June 2022ScholarsAlumni

Kostiantyn Halahura is a 24 years old software developer from Eastern Ukraine, whose life was suddenly changed by chance. In June 2016, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer …

Good days give you joy and courage

3. May 2022ScholarsAlumniOeAD

Ernst Mach worldwide alumni Mengyue Duan writes about her stay in Austria

”War and Democracy in Austrian History and Culture”, ASA 2022

26. April 2022ScholarsAlumni

The Austrian Studies Association (ASA)‘s annual conference took place in New Orleans from 12 to 15 April 2022.