Disbursement of the scholarship

The first scholarship instalment

After arriving in Austria you have to visit your responsible Regional Office within three working days. The first scholarship instalment will be paid to you by cheque*.

To get the first scholarship instalment you have to prove your identity with your personal identity document (passport or identity card), a health and accident insurance that is recognized by the Austrian authorities and the visa (only for nationals from third countries).

If you arrive after the 15th of your first scholarship month, you will only get half of the scholarship instalment for that month.

The following scholarship instalments

For stays up to 3 months the scholarship instalments will be paid to you by cheque*. This is based on the prerequisite that you visit your Regional Office between the 5th and 15th of each month.

We would like to point out that the scholarship instalments for stays for more than 3 months can be remitted to

  • an Austrian bank account or
  • to a bank account in the SEPA area.

While you receive the scholarship, you have to be present at the study/research place and visit your responsible Regional Office in person once a month between 10th and 25th. If you will not come to visit the Regional Office during that period you will not receive the scholarship.

The scholarship will be transferred to your account between the 1st and the 5th.

The monthly visit is also supposed to get information of monthly events of the OeAD or to talk about problems/troubles.

Please send your bank details (as well as any changes) to your Regional Office in a written form.

*The cheque has to be cashed within the period of validity of 5 days at one bank branch of the Bank Austria.