Welt im Ohr-Podcasts

Smart waste management in the new APPEAR project

23. June 202255:46Development ResearchResearcher

A multidisciplinary project team from Austria and Uganda researches together in a new APPEAR project, APPEAR anniversary 10+2 and a look behind the scenes of "Welt im Ohr" and Ö1 …

"Africa" – Images, Discourses, Stereotypes

25. May 202259:49Development ResearchResearcher

Historical processes of decolonisation remain a huge field of ignorance despite increasing critical reflections. (in German)

Post-Covid Societies? – Examples from Africa

28. April 2022Development ResearchResearcher

Education, internationalisation and mobility as part of the multifaceted sustainability debate in academic cooperation in times of pandemic. (in German)

Water in the focus of film and research

17. March 202259:50Development ResearchResearcher

A director, a researcher, an engineer and a water expert talk about the "blue gold". With country examples from the Arab region and Africa.

Sustainable food systems and the concept of food democracy

17. February 202259:49Researcher

Organic farming and agroecology as the future for sustainable food systems is demanded and promoted more and more.