Alumni Talks

Alumni Talks is an event series where former OeAD scholars talk about themselves and their research. They present their personal and professional experiences before and after their stay in Austria to a broad public. Nearly 20 scholars from different countries and educational backgrounds have already been invited to talk about their inspiring research projects, challenges, and experiences.

Belachew Gebrewold, Ethiopia/Austria

Belachew Gebrewold © Belachew Gebrewold

Partnership for common good: Promoting joint interests and addressing global challenges through academic exchange | 15 October 2020

Dr. Gebrewold talked about how scholarships promote academic partnerships, economic cooperation as well as mutual political and cultural understanding and ultimately benefit both the countries of origin and Austria

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Kevin Odhiambo Obiero, Kenia

Portrait of Kevin Obiero © Silvia Riegler

Building Doctoral Capacities through Intra-Africa and Global Academic Mobility  | 24 October 2019

The former OeAD Scholar Kevin Odhiambo Obiero from Kenya shared his experiences as former scholarship holder and researcher. Furthermore he talked about the importance of capacity building and research cooperation through Intra-Africa and Global Academic Mobility.

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Basanta Raj Adhikari, Nepal

Basanta Adhikary Raj © OeAD/Casado

How does climate change impact the Himalayas? Experiences from Nepal | 11 April 2019

The former OeAD scholarship holder Basanta Raj Adhikari shared his experiences made during his PhD studies at the University of Vienna. He told the audience about his work as an assistant professor at the Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and explained how climate change affects the people in his home country.

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Kesang Wangchuk, Bhutan

Kesang Wangchuk © OeAD/Auer

Finding Happiness in Science and Research | 21 March 2019

The Bhutanese Kesang Wangchuk talked about his work as a Principal Research Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Bhutan and the concept of "gross national happiness". He told his own story of how he found happiness in research and recalled his time during scholarship-supported stays in Austria.

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Tanushree Gupta, India

Tanushree Gupta Alumni Talks © OeAD/Cavallotti

Conserving World Heritage together: Cooperation between India and Austria | 25 October 2018

Ernst Mach grant holder Tanushree Gupta talked about her professional career as a restorer, about inspiring moments and about her scholarship stays in Austria with different OeAD programmes. She is involved in several Austrian-Indian cooperations.

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Dana Linkeschová, Czech Republic

Dana Linkeschová © OeAD/Cavallotti

Teaching is my mission: Some inspiration of managing myself and others in different places and situations | 22 March 2018

Dana Linkeschová is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Structural Economics and Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Brno University of Technology. Since 2007 she actively participates in the CEEPUS network „Teaching and learning Civil Engineering in European Context“.

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Rosalie Arcala Hall, Philippines

Portrait Rosalie Arcala Hall © OeAD/Christine Cavallotti

Academics thinking locally: a scholar's role in widening participation | 19 October 2017

Rosalie Arcala Hall who received a North-South-Dialogue Scholarship (financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation) in 2006/2007 and an Ernst Mach Follow-up Grant financed by the Federal Ministry of Science in 2017 shared her experience in society-relevant research.

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Gibson S. Nyanhongo, Zimbabwe

Gibson S. Nyanhongo © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

From the University of Zimbabwe to IFA Tulln: My journey in biotechnology | 12 May 2017

Gibson S. Nyanhongo, one of the beneficiaries of the North-South Dialogue Scholarship funded by the Austrian development cooperation, shared his experiences in Austria and his research activities.

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Sayeh Agegnehu, Ethiopia

Sayeh Agegnehu © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

Land rights and land administration in Ethiopia | 16 March 2017

Sayeh Agegnehu is the Vice President for Business and Development at Debre Markos University and the national coordinator of the APPEAR EduLAND project.

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Csaba Vad, Hungary

Csaba Vad © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

Global change in alpine lakes – what can microscopic organisms tell us? | 3 November 2016

Csaba Vad is an aquatic ecologist and obtained an Ernst Mach fellowship at WasserCluster Lunz in the working group of Robert Ptacnik. During this period, he started to work with alpine lakes focusing on their planktonic organisms.

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Kevin Nyongesa, Kenya

Kevin Nyongesa © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

How to build up successful partnerships | 17 March 2016

Kevin Nyongesa completed the Master Programme "Mountain Forestry" at the BOKU in 2014. Since then he has worked as a lecturer at the Department of Natural Resources at Egerton University. Kevin is doing his PhD on "Fire management in Mt. Kenya Forest" at the BOKU. His studies are financed by APPEAR.

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Vittorio Pace, Italy

Vittorio Pace © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Railway chemistry. Departure station: Italy, direction: Austria. How to approach an international academic career in chemistry | 15 October 2015

Vittorio's main research activity deals with the development of synthetic tactics based on the use of organolithiums methods with vistas to their application in synthetic medicinal chemistry.

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Felicia Arudo Yieke, Kenya

Felicia Aruda Yieke © OeAD/Elke Stinnig

Language and power | 19 March 2015

Felicia Arudo Yieke has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the University of Vienna. For her PhD studies she received a North-South-Dialogue scholarship, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). Her research interests are in the areas of sociolinguistics and discourse analysis.

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Sara de Jong, Netherlands

Sara de Jong © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Intercultural mediators: The experiences of migrant NGO workers in Austria | 23 October 2014

Sara de Jong has a PhD in Politics from the University of Nottingham, UK. In 2012 she received an Ernst Mach Grant from the OeAD to conduct her research at the University of Vienna. Her research and teaching expertise include citizenship and civil society, migration and diversity, and feminism.

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Rhoda Birech, Kenya

Rhoda Birech © OeAD/Katrin Messner

How to build up successful partnerships? | 11 March 2014

Rhoda Birech is a senior lecturer at Egerton University and holds a PhD in Organic Agriculture from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria. For her research she received a North-South Dialogue Scholarship, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

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Sandra Aparcana, Peru

Sandra Aparcana © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Corporate social responsibility – Opportunities for companies and society | 24 October 2013

Sandra Aparcana earned her PhD at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation. Her professional expertise encompasses renewable energy, life cycle assessment and sustainable waste management in developing countries.

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Bálint Kovács, Hungary

Balint Kovacs © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Bis(s) nach Wien. Von Vampiren, Zombies und dem Forschen in Österreich | 10 April 2014

Bálint Kovács verfasste seine Dissertation über deutschsprachige Horrorfilme und phantastische Literatur der Zwischenkriegszeit. Er erhielt ein Ernst-Mach-Stipendium sowie ein Franz-Werfel-Stipendium.

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Zerfu Hailu, Fentahun Mengistu & Belayneh Ayele, Ethiopia

Zerfu Hailu, Fentahun Mengistu, Belayneh Ayele © OeAD/Katrin Messner

How to build up a university partnership with Austria? An Ethiopian perspective | 6 March 2013

The three alumni are team members of the appear project "TRANSACT", whose main objective is to strengthen the transformation competences of the Ethiopian consortium partners in research and training.

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Paul T. Yillia, Sierra Leone

Paul T. Yillia © OeAD/Katrin Messner

The outcome of Rio+20: Is "the future we want" achievable? | 17 October 2012

Paul T. Yillia's expertise includes capacity development in the water sector. He is a member of the International Water Association and belongs to some of its specialist groups, including Healthrelated Water Microbiology, River Basin Management and Diffuse Pollution.

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Helen Nakimbugwe, Uganda

Helen Nakimbugwe © OeAD

Intercultural experiences – Observations and experiences in working with international teams in research | 29 March 2012

Helen Nakimbugwe has a doctorate in Animal Breeding from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna.

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Chiheb Mehtelli, Tunisia & Jean Bertrand Miguoue, Cameroon

Jean Bertrand Miguoue © OeAD

Österreichische Literatur in Afrika | 21 March 2012

Chiheb Mehtelli ist ehemaliger Franz Werfel-Stipendiat des OeAD. Sein Forschungsschwerpunkt ist Thomas Bernhard. Jean Bertrand Miguoue ist ebenfalls ehemaliger Franz Werfel-Stipendiat des OeAD und sein Forschungsschwerpunkt ist Peter Handke.

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Steve Omondi Odour, Kenya

Steve Omondi Odour © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Impact of changes in rainfall patterns on the flamingo populations in two Kenyan Rift Valley lakes | 1 December 2011

Steve Omondi Odour graduated with the Doctor of life sciences from Vienna University in 2006. His studies were funded within the North-South-Dialogue Scholarship Programme, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

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Dana Pfeiferová, Czech Republic

Dana Pfeiferová © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Erfahrungen einer "Werfelianerin" | 15 June 2011

Dana Pfeiferová erhielt ein Franz-Werfel-Stipendium an der Universität Wien. Zu ihren Forschungsschwerpunkten zählen Neuere österreichische Literatur und Libuše Moníková.

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Subodh Sharma, Nepal

Subodh Sharma © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Alarming signs of climate change and pollution in the Himalayan lakes and rivers | 17 March 2011

Subodh Sharma completed his PhD "Biological Assessment of Water Quality in the Rivers of Nepal" at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) within the North-South-Dialogue Scholarship Programme, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

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Paul Bukuluki, Uganda

Paul Bukuluki © OeAD/Katrin Messner

Peace and conflict issues in Africa taking a case of the Great Lakes region | 17 January 2011

Paul Bukuluki completed his PhD "Succession planning for orphans and vulnerable children in the context of HIV/AIDS" within the North-South-Dialogue Scholarship Programme financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) at the University of Vienna.

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