Reporting channels and whistleblower system

Paragraf aus Karton © OeAD/Gianmaria Gava

The OeAD offers the following possibilities to submit information about wrongdoing and complaints:

  • Whistleblower system: If you would like to inform us about (possible) violations of the law by the OeAD or OeAD employees, you can do so via our whistleblower system - also anonymously. This reporting option is open to both OeAD employees and external persons. You can find more information about this reporting channel on the homepage of our whistleblower system.
  • Ombudsman: If you have used (or wanted to use) a declared service of the OeAD and you think that your cause was treated incorrectly by the OeAD, you can contact our ombudsman's office. It is available to external persons for complaints and suggestions for improvements. It provides  solution-oriented mediation between the parties involved in case of different opinions. You can find more information and contact details on the ombudsman's office page.
  • Safeguarding Policy: The OeAD Safeguarding Policy must be adhered to for all activities and events funded by the OeAD or compliance must be ensured through appropriate measures. If you have perceived or experienced a suspected serious violation of the OeAD's Safeguarding Policy as a participant in an OeAD-funded measure, you can leave a message in the reporting system or . However, please bear in mind that your first point of contact is always the contact person of the funded measure/event you attended, unless the relationship of trust with the contact person has been severely damaged.