Garbage everywhere you look! Tracking down environmental pollution with Citizen Science

15. March 2023 Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science
Jugendliche mit Müllsäcken in der Hand
As part of the news series "Inside Sparkling Science 2.0", two researchers explain how they want to strengthen environmental protection with their projects.

The news series "Inside Sparkling Science 2.0" provides deeper insights into the funded Sparkling Science projects. For the second interview, project manager Birgit Sattler (University of Innsbruck) of PLASTIC.ALPS and project manager Muni Merdan (bee produced) of Recycling Heroes  answer our questions. 

How can Citizen Science be used to strengthen environmental protection?

In PLASTIC.ALPS, researchers are investigating the spread of plastic waste in the high mountains together with school classes and with the help of the app "Dreckspotz". In the Recycling Heroes project, the circular economy in the electronics industry will be promoted through citizen science in schools. In the interview, Birgit Sattler and Munir Merdan talk about how the project ideas were born, how citizen scientists can participate in research, to what extent awareness of climate change is also visible among students, and much more.

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