The final version of the ACTION Toolkit was published

12. April 2022 Citizen Science
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The EU Action project has now published the final version of the toolkit with tools, guidelines and case studies for citizen science projects.

The ACTION Toolkit for Citizen Science is a collection of resources for anyone who wants help in running Citizen Science projects.

What does the toolkit offer?

It offers a selection of practical tools and lessons learned that can support teams at all stages of their project, and addresses the practical issues that projects face during their life cycle. The toolkit is divided into four sections:

  • Problem framing
  • Research implementation
  • Legacy 
  • Supplementary material

Interested parties will find a variety of tools, case studies and guidelines for each stage of the project life cycle.

Who can use it?

Although it was created for citizen science projects focused on environmental pollution, it is useful for anyone who wants to apply citizen science methods. It can be used by volunteers, local communities, researchers or authorities. 

What expertise has been included in the toolkit?

The toolkit draws on expertise in pollution, citizen science, participatory design, social innovation, socio-economic studies, open science, social computing, open data and software development from the ACTION project to ensure that it meets the needs of citizen science projects and addresses the practical issues they face at different stages of the project.

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