Industrial mechatronics - FH Joanneum starts dual studies

12. May 2021 Higher EducationStudies
Zwei Studierende sitzen auf einer Steinnaumer am Campus.
At the FH Joanneum at the Kapfenberg location, a dual study program for "Industrial Mechatronics" will start for the first time in autumn. From the third semester onwards, learning and paid practice in Styrian industrial companies alternate.

The dual study program is designed for six semesters. With this type of study you spend significantly more time in the company compared to the usual compulsory internships in a classic FH degree. In the first year of study, for example, the students are completely at the UAS, but from the second year of study they should apply what they have learned in industry every three months. Robotics, sensor technology and digital image processing are compulsory electives, courses in technology management and English complement the technical know-how. In the sixth semester, students can write their bachelor thesis during the last practical phase in the respective training company. The program starts with 25 study places.

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Source: APA Science