AAL_24_Alumni AudioLab with Blerte Ismajli

11. July 2019 PodcastsAlumni
As a student in times of war, she learned German as a language and studied German studies. She made a career out of the language comparison German - Albanian (podcast in German)

Today her students meet in intercultural dialogue with students from Serbia and Montenegro – for example in theater workshops. Blerte Ismajli herself studied at the time of the Kosovo war. She achieved her high level of German language through German-language radio, television and excessive practice - in wartimes, this intensive examination of a previously unknown language was also a refuge and a protective mechanism against the political unrest in the country.

In 2010 she came to Austria for her doctoral studies with a scholarship from the OeAD. The sheer endless pool of knowledge in Vienna's libraries opened up possibilities for her that she did not have at a young university like that in Pristina and a still younger institute of German studies. To this day the local conditions are limited, although the resources are constantly being expanded - also with Austrian help.

Currently she is conducting research on grammatical structures such as evidentiality. This means where does a speaker get his information from? Although German and Albanian have their roots in the same language family - the Indo-European - there are very different ways of expressing this. Especially for her work as an interpreter and translator, such language comparisons are important – and also exciting.