AAL_19_Alumni AudioLab with Adrián Prieto

30. November 2018 PodcastsAlumni
An architectural historian, who actually started out as a law student, talks about his research in this podcast episode.

Already as a child, Adrián Prieto from Spain was passionate about leafing through his parents' architectural books. He was fascinated by different architectural styles and works. For his studies, however, he initially opted for law, which soon became too theoretical for him. A counterbalance with more practical relevance, he hoped from a bachelor's degree in interior design, but that was not exactly the right thing also. With his Master studies Adrián finally found his way. Already for his Master thesis he conducted research on Robert Mallet-Stevens, an architect of the French avant-garde of the 1920s. The more he learned about him, the more gaps he discovered in previous research, and so Adrián Prieto decided to fill these gaps within his doctorate studies. In particular, he conducts research on the connections of Mallet-Stevens and Josef Hoffmann, co-founder of the Vienna Secession and the Wiener Werkstätte.

As Ernst-Mach scholarship holder he is currently researching in the Vienna archives. In this podcast Adrián Prieto talks about the connections between Vienna and Paris in the 1920s, the art and architecture scene and the question of who decides what constitutes art in architecture and what should be preserved for the future.