AAL15_Alumni AudioLab with Jernej Kosi

2. August 2018 AlumniPodcasts
Jernej Kosi is conducting research on Slovenian refugees in the First World War, who had to endure in catastrophic refugee camps in the Austrian hinterland. They were warned much too late.

With Italy's entry into the war in 1915, the front moved to Slovenia, forcing a section of the Slovenian civilian population to flee. The evacuations were almost spontaneously carried out, he population was badly informed, although at least official sites knew about the danger. The conditions in the refugee camps in the Austrian hinterland were catastrophic.

Dr Jernej Kosi is historian at the University of Ljubljana. Currently he is conducting research at the University of Vienna on the fate of these refugees. Sources can be found in the Austrian war archive, but many more also in district and city archives, since Jernej Kosi is focusing in his research not only on official documents, but also on letters or diary entries. This is the only way to view this escape situation from different perspectives in order to present the most accurate picture possible of that time.

In this podcast, he not only talks about this research, which shows surprisingly similar parallels to today's time, but also about the science of history as an academic field and about what role a historian can and should fulfill today.