AAL_2_Alumni AudioLab with Kalina Kupczynska

4. July 2017 PodcastsAlumni
Kalina Kupczynska from Poland talks in the second issue of Alumni AudioLab about her research on comics and other experimental kinds of texts. (podcast in German)

[This podcast episode is in German only]

Kalina Kupczynska from Poland came into contact with the German language for the first time in a rather unusual way. All the same she remained true to it. After studying German studies in Łódź where she still does research and teaches today and a stay in Passau she received a Franz Werfel grant in 2002 and thus became a “Werfelian”. This grant for specialists in German studies from abroad who are specialising in Austrian literature brought her to Vienna for the first time for her dissertation. She specialised in the field of experimental literature and the “Viennese actionists”’ manifestos and dedicates her current research to autobiographic comics.