S&T Cooperation: A long-standing cooperation with the Geological Center at the University of Vienna

14. November 2022 Researcher
A group from the OeAD visited Tamara Đorđević, senior researcher and lecturer at the Department of Mineralogy and Crystallography at the University of Vienna.

Dr. Tamara Đorđević, Privdoz., invited a group from the OeAD to visit her at the Geological Center of the University of Vienna on November 8, to present her work and the Institute. Dr Đorđević has been regularly carrying out projects within the framework of Scientific and Technological Cooperation (S&T) for years, which have so far taken her to Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia and the Czech Republic, among others. Most recently, she worked on an S&T research project "Mineralogy and weathering of a Fe-Ni slag dump produced by lateritic Ni ore smelting" in North Macedonia, where she examined slags from the largest ferronickel (FeNi) production in Europe together with Prof. Christian Lengauer and Mag. Peter Nagl from the Department of Lithospheric Research. North Macedonia offers an excellent geological field laboratory due to its climate. In return, the North Macedonian team spent a week in Austria in June 2022 to learn about the work here.

Geological field trips are an important part of the work of geologists. An exchange is significant and interesting for both sides and brings new research findings to light. Samples from the other country are exchanged and researched in both places for new insights. The S&T cooperation programmes support this bilateral exchange and fund travel and accommodation costs as well as project-related material costs.

In addition to the institute's rooms, such as the preparation room, where samples are prepared for X-ray powder analysis, or the X-ray laboratory, where the crystalline components of the examined samples are determined by means of characteristic X-rays, Dr Đorđević also guided us through the mineralogical collection of the institute. Here, the most important minerals, rocks and gemstones are exhibited, which are of particular interest to visitors and whose collection is also presented at specialist conferences.

Dr Đorđević is pleased to be able to carry out S&T projects in the future as well, and further projects are already being planned. For the visibility of the OeAD programmes, a small event will soon be held at the faculty in order to also introduce young researchers to the possibilities of OeAD scholarships. The OeAD is looking forward to further cooperation with Dr Đorđević and the Geological Center.


Dr Đorđević teaches environmental mineralogy at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy at the University of Vienna and is also the secretary of the Austrian Mineralogical Society. She studied Geology in Belgrade and completed her PhD in Vienna. Since 2013, she has regularly carried out OeAD-funded projects in the framework of Scientific and Technological Cooperation.

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