OeAD stands in solidarity with Ukraine

28. February 2022 BildungskooperationOeADPartnerships
Flagge der Ukraine
We are shocked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

We are shocked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the dramatic developments of the last few days.

The war against Ukraine is not only an attack on innocent people; it is also an attack on the education, society and institutions of the country. Our thoughts are with the victims, with our Ukrainian colleagues and with our partners and friends.

Educational and scientific cooperation between Austria and Ukraine has a long tradition. The OeAD is committed to peaceful and open exchange in education, science and culture and maintains numerous forms of cooperation with institutions in Ukraine, which always rely on respect, mutual appreciation and great professional expertise. We will continue this cooperation under all circumstances.

Currently the OeAD supports many projects between Austrian and Ukrainian partners as well as student and lecturer mobility. In close coordination with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research we are constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine. For security reasons we have called our staff in the OeAD cooperation offices in L’viv and Odessa as well as our lecturers in Ukraine back to Austria. However, we are still in close contact with the offices and our cooperation partners.

Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps

The OeAD has partnerships and mobility from/to Ukraine within the framework of the two EU programmes Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC). Please check the current information on the BMEIA website before travelling: https://www.bmeia.gv.at/reise-services/reiseinformation/land/ukraine

Contact and assumption of costs

Termination of their stays and premature returns will expressly be approved for all people who are staying in Ukraine or Russia and wish to leave for reasons of caution or concern. Additional costs resulting from premature departure from those countries, trips to those countries cancelled at short notice, cancellation costs, etc. will be borne by Erasmus+ or ESC. We would ask all those affected to contact their programme coordinators immediately.

The OeAD has already informed all project management agencies who have cooperations with institutions and organisations from Ukraine or Russia and asked them to get in touch. Moreover, the OeAD has informed the possible host organisations for young people within the European Solidarity Corps (“quality label holders”) in writing and asked them for information.

For Erasmus+ participants from Ukraine who are currently in Austria project management agencies should check possibilities for an extension of the mobility measures within the framework of the programme requirements and, if necessary, contact the project coordinators at the OeAD.

For planned Erasmus+ and ESC activities in Ukraine it is recommended to consider alternative options, such as choosing a different country.