Funding initiative "Top Citizen Science" enters a new round

14. January 2022 Citizen ScienceResearcher
From 25 January 2022, new Citizen Science extension projects to ongoing FWF projects can be submitted to the FWF.

Fortunately, the funding initiative is now being announced for the seventh time in a row this year. The total funding budget is 250,000 euros.

What will be funded?

Under this call, funding will be made available for the expansion of FWF-funded research which is suitable in terms of content and methods and which is to be expanded to include "citizen science" components.

Grant amount and project duration

The projects are funded for a maximum duration of two years. Up to 50,000 euros can be applied for per project.

Submission phase

Applications can be submitted from 25 January to 25 April 2022.


Further information