60 Years OeAD: Europass – the interface between the education system and the labour market

11. November 2021 OeAD60Quality
Eine junge rau steht auf einer Brücke in Porto und hält einen Stern ins Bild
With more than 2.5 million people registered in the Europass portal and 30,000 Europass Mobility certificates issued in Austria Europass facilitates communication between job seekers and employers by presenting knowledge and skills in a structured and transparent way.

Europass aims to improve the transparency of qualifications and skills at the national and European level. In doing so it supports in particular the mobility of learners and employees and opens the doors to the labour market in Austria and Europe for them.

The Europass portal www.europass.eu was relaunched with enhanced features in July 2020. With the included profile in a flexible and well-structured format it offers the possibility to systematically document formal qualifications, informally acquired skills and soft skills. This enables employers to get a quick overview and compare applications quickly.

Users also have the possibility to view job vacancies and further education possibilities throughout Europe on the EURES portal. The European Digital Credentials for Learning that were launched throughout Europe on 25 October 2021 can also be fed directly into each profile by the issuing bodies.

For learning stays and internships in Europe, e.g. with Erasmus+, Europass Mobility is an ideal document to present the learning progress, professional skills, skills acquired in a non-formal way and completed courses in a transparent way for future applications. In the database provided by Europass Austria the 30,000th Mobility certificate was created and issued in 2021.

Maria Zamostny completed her Erasmus+ internship abroad at two hospitals in Portugal within the framework of her bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and highly recommends it: “I think as a young person, when you are still free and unattached, it is the best time to go abroad and live and experience intercultural learning.”

She has documented the knowledge and skills she acquired abroad clearly and completely with Europass Mobility. “I am grateful to have come into contact with Europass at a young age and wouldn't want to miss this great platform,” says Maria.

The particular strength of Europass is its European character, which makes it possible to present skills in a comprehensible and transparent way and thus act as a bridge builder between the education sector and the labour market in Austria and throughout Europe.

In Austria Europass is coordinated by the OeAD as the national agency for Erasmus+ Education.

You can find out everything about Europass here: www.europass.at

Authors: Carin Dániel Ramírez Schiller and Alexandra Enzi