Graphic Novel for the presentation at the Forum Science Communication 2021.

19. October 2021 Citizen ScienceScience communication
On October 6, 2021, the OeAD Center for Citizen Science presented best practices from Sparkling Science. Lorna Schütte put the content into pictures.

During the presentation, Petra Siegele showed how Citizen Science projects with schools from different scientific fields have succeeded in communicating complex research processes to young people and other segments of the population in an exciting and innovative way.

As part of the projects, students were encouraged to question findings and actively participate in research. Their diverse experiences and insights worked in several directions: As multipliers, they carried them into their families. In the course of public project presentations, artistic interventions in public space, through the conception of exhibitions or the writing of blogs, they made science accessible to the public.

Graphic recoder and illustrator Lorna Schütte has summarized the central points of Petra Siegele's talk at the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation for the organization "Wissenschaft im Dialog" and put them into a pictorial context.

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