Looking for schools for a "Sparkling Science 2.0" submission?

26. July 2021 Citizen SciencePublic ScienceResearcher
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Research institutions can register in the "Science seeks school" padlet as part of the Sparkling Science research partner exchange and indicate which school they are looking for.

For research institutions planning a submission for "Sparkling Science 2.0", the search for one or more suitable partner schools begins with the preparation of the application. Researchers need to think about a few things in advance:

  • What type of school should be considered?
  • What age should the pupils be? What skills and knowledge should they have in order to be able to fulfil the tasks set?
  • In which school subjects could the project be carried out?

To make it easier for scientific institutions to find a partner school, the OeAD has launched a virtual research partner exchange. There, research institutions can easily register in the padlet "Wissenschaft sucht Schule" or "Science seeks school". All that is needed is some information about the institution, the project topic and the school requirements.

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