Survey for citizen science projects in the field of health and therapy

7. June 2021 Citizen Science
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The survey deals with the ethical and legal challenges for citizen science projects from the health and therapy sector.

Health- and therapy-oriented citizen science projects have the potential to provide new impulses for health prevention and the development of new therapeutic approaches to diseases. Since research in the health sector as well as in the therapy sector has special ethical and legal issues, citizen science projects in these areas also face special challenges.

The research project "Analysis and Regulation of Therapy-oriented Citizen Science Projects" aims to help identify these challenges in order to be able to offer the citizen science community approaches to solving them.

Citizen science projects that address questions from the following areas in their projects are invited to participate in the survey:

1. prevention: health information, health protection, health prevention, disease prevention, etc.

2. therapy: therapy information, improvement of existing therapy, development of new therapies etc.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to answer the questions. The survey is available in German and English.

Online survey

Further information about the research project