OeAD coordinates the EU project "TRANSVAL-EU" with 15 partners from seven European countries.

17. May 2021 European ProgrammesQuality
Ein Mann geht über einen Zebrastreifen.
The project focuses on the validation of "transversal skills".

In general terms, "transversal skills" are skills that are acquired in one context or by mastering one situation and that can be transferred to other situations and/or to another context.

The TRANSVAL-EU project addresses the complex issue of the validation of transversal skills.

The project started on 28 February 2021, it will last 30 months and is funded by Erasmus+ Key Action 3 (Policy Reform – Policy Experimentations). The project has 16 partners from 7 countries.

In total the project will receive 1.9 million euros of funding from the Erasmus+ programme, of which Austrian partners will receive 600,000 euros.

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