New FHTW master’s course in AI engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien

4. May 2021 Higher EducationStudies
From autumn the UAS Technikum Wien will be offering the new master’s degree in AI Engineering.

Artificial intelligence is one of the critical concepts of digitization that will affect many areas of our daily life. Intelligent bots are already addressing people on the World Wide Web; gamers play against intelligent computer opponents in automatically generated artificial worlds, and specialist software supports doctors in image analysis. Far-reaching fields of application are in prospect for the future because AI algorithms and their interaction with the environment are essential components of the development of future software and hardware systems. A rapidly growing demand for experts in Artificial Intelligence is expected in the labour market.

The UAS Technikum Wien will offer the AI ​​Engineering master’s course tailored to meet these requirements from the coming winter semester. For this purpose, the content of the previous Master’s degree in Game Engineering was further developed and the curriculum revised. In addition to the new AI focus, the previous game engineering focus will continue to be available as part of specializations.

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Source: APA OTS

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