Learning German with Laura - OeAD scholarship holder gives online German course in times of lockdown

24. June 2020 ScholarsAlumniScholarship
Screenshot des Online Kurses
In times of Covid 19 all of us have experienced the importance of solidarity and sharing. What is really important? What can be shared in times of social distancing and lockdown: Time, ideas, feelings and competences. So after the first Online meeting for OeAD Scholarship holders, Laura Lukášová started to offer an Online German course.

Laura enjoys the opportunity to practice teaching German in English! Her courses always have the same structure: The first part is dedicated to communication (in German and English) in the second part Laura explains German grammar showing some slides. She usually starts with easy Grammar rules, but also more complicated Grammar is offered, so that everybody can learn something new. At the end of the course there is time to talk again. As this final part usually starts with a big silence, Laura asks different questions such as:

  • Which job would you like to do if you were financially independent?
  • What is the craziest thing ever done?
  • Describe your morning routine…..

All participants have different levels of German, so it is not that easy to manage the course. Laura herself says: I am really so happy for this opportunity, as I have never taught German in English before. So I can try out something new and gain new experiences. Read what Laura’s students say about her course:

Andrea Mucciarello from Italy: I really appreciate this course as an interesting possibility to deepen the interdisciplinary comparison with other scholars and to have a further opportunity to talk in German, a fascinating and extremely useful language - also specifically for my scientific disciplinary sector - that I learned years ago, also thanks to scholarships and research in Germany". Thank you a lot, if you need to mention my universities are the University of Antwerp (BE) and the University of Salerno (IT).

Hikmet Beyoglu from Turkey: Due to my full schedule I did attend the German classes only few times, but I am still following the presentations, and the files supported during the course, which in advance well organized and functionally designed to interpret the ideas simply; In addiction Tutor Ms. Lukášová, always gives me an effective support to help in terms of explaining the presented material! Glad to be part of!

Lenka Petrová from Czech Republic : I love Laura's lessons because she always makes them interesting and enjoyable and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious :-) I also love that she's genuinely interested in everyone's answers. She manages to explain the grammar clearly (with the help of lovely presentations), although she can't use her native language. Even though I study German myself, I have learnt something new from the lessons and I really enjoyed the conversation tasks at the end of each lesson

Saptarshi Mallick from India: The online German classes which began during my stay at Graz continue even today as I have already arrived at my home in India. Ms. Lukášová´s e-classes are simple and thought provoking, interacting and facilitates me (a beginner) as a student to have an effective comparative learning I state ‘comparative learning’ as we bring in references to English language and my mother-tongue i.e. Bangla. My teacher reads every section of the lesson she has planned for me during the course of the class and this enables me to hear the words, understand and pronounce them myself. She is always there to clear my naïve childish doubts. Her patience is commendable, and she makes me continue to practice till I am perfect in the day’s lesson. She wants her students to be flawless in understanding and speaking German at the end of each class. My German teacher’s ever positive attitude towards the hurdles I face during the classes, her ever smiling face and perennial encouragement are the yardsticks of a good teacher who leaves an indelible impact the lives of her students. The class does not end just with the interaction, there are some lesson plans and study materials which Ms Lukášová prepares assiduously for our efficacious understanding. It also becomes beneficial to revise by myself after the class is over. The study materials are friendly and utilitarian. I am grateful to OeAD for organizing the first online meeting on 2 April 2020 which connected me to my teacher and today, I am trying with all my efforts to learn the language constructively. I hope I will not let down the pragmatic hopes of Ms. Laura Lukášová, my German Teacher who has also become a dear friend with the passage of time. Thank you Ms. Laura Lukášová. Thank you OeAD.

A cordial thank you to you Laura for this community building initiative!