"Welt im Ohr": Green Building Solutions: Sustainable construction and minimum environmental impact

12. September 2019 Development ResearchResearcher
Goal 11 of the UN Agenda 2030 states that "cities and settlements should be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". What "green" planning and building means can be heard in this programme.

Goal 11 of the United Nations Agenda 2030 states that "cities and settlements shall be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". This also includes "green" planning and construction, i.e. the selection of materials and technologies that conserve resources and the environment as well as the use of renewable energies.

Every year the Green.Buildung.Solution Summerschool (GBS) in Vienna, organised by the OeAD Housing Office, discusses knowledge about ecological building that is collected by universities, research institutes and international institutions in the "capital of energy-efficient building". “Welt im Ohr” was there and asked architects, students and practitioners which forward-looking solutions for sustainable building are being considered.

The head of the APPEAR project Capacity Building for Energy-Efficient Buildings Towards a Sustainable Built Environment in the Gaza Strip - Palestine (CBEEB) will also have his say. This university cooperation between the Vienna University of Technology and the Islamic University of Gaza which is supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation deals with sustainable building in a particularly difficult political and spatial situation. Sustainable building in Gaza should also make energy independence possible.

Finally, an internationally experienced expert will summarise the technological, ecological, economic and social opportunities and limits of "green" building.

Programme design: Maiada Hadaia (Responsible for the programme content)

In an interview:

Participants of the GBS Summerschool

Ass.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Karin Stieldorf, architect, Vienna University of Technology

Prof. DI. Georg W. Reinberg, architect

Mag. Günther Jedliczka, CEO, OeAD Housing Office

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhaisen, Director of External Affairs, Islamic University of Gaza, National Coordinator of the APPEAR project CBEEB

Dr. Ingo Leusbrock, Group Leader Grid-Based Energy Supply and System Analysis in the Field of Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems, AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies

Speakers: Doris Obrecht, Andreas Obrecht

Music: A Radio Bridge Compilation Tracks 1-6. Courtesy of K. Wegener @radio continental drift