AAL_20_Alumni AudioLab with Michaela Höller

2. January 2019 PodcastsAlumni
(Podcast in German) Michaela Höller spent 5 years as a lecturer in Mexico City. In this podcast episode she talks about her experiences and impressions.

After completing her teaching studies for English and Spanish, Michaela Höller moved abroad. As a foreign language assistant and for her teaching internship she spent a total of 3 years in England. During this time she became aware of the OeAD lectureship programme and applied for a position in Mexico - her absolute favorite destination. After one year of waiting, her application was successful and in the autumn of 2013 she joined the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) as a lecturer for German language and Austrian culture. Her original plan to stay a maximum of 3 years changed and Michaela Höller stayed the entire period of 5 years – not least because of the motivated students and her very dedicated boss. In addition to teaching, she organized film evenings, invited movie producers, started a pilot project with an app that subtitles Austrian television for the deaf and language learners and dealt a lot with cultural learning.

Since the summer of 2018 she is back in Austria and teaches English and Spanish at the Sacre Coeur in Vienna.

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