AAL_16_Alumni AudioLab with Vardan Elbakyan

31. August 2018 PodcastsAlumni
Vardan Elbakyan deals as an astrophysicist with calculations of the universe, in particular with the emergence of new stars.

The curiosity about the universe, about physical processes and about what is going on “out there”, has accompanied Vardan Elbakyan from Armenia since his childhood. Although early physical experiments with electricity went almost wrong, he decided to turn his passion into a profession. After completing his bachelor's degree in Yerevan / Armenia, Vardan Elbakyan went to Russia to do a master's degree and a doctorate in astrophysics. From solar winds over galactic winds, he finally came to the research of the formation of stars, which he conducted research on for 6 months in 2018 with an Ernst Mach scholarship at the University of Vienna.

In this episode Vardan Elbakyan explains this star formations but he also talks about working with astronomers, about astronautics and exoplanets, the end of the universe, and what science fiction literature and movies can mean for an astrophysicist.