AAL_13_Alumni AudioLab with Rovidad

5. June 2018 AlumniPodcasts
Microcredit and microfinance are commonly considered to be an adequate method for poverty reduction, also in Pakistan. But research on a macro level is missing. Rovidad is now researching this as part of his PhD at the University of Vienna.

Born in a rural area of Pakistan under the name of Rovidad, he was also given the name Muhammad during the school enrollment, because a first and last name was needed there. But actually Rovidad stands for itself. The career choice to engineer or medical doctor, which would be common in this area, he has decided differently for himself. Rovidad earned his bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics and focused on the economic part in his further academic career.

Today, as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Vienna, he is researching microcredit and microfinance in Pakistan. This fellowship for Pakistani doctoral students is funded by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan.