TU Austria launches free online study preparation for pupils

13. March 2018 Higher EducationSchoolStudies
Drei Studierende, zwei Männer, eine Frau, die einen Laptop in der Hand hält.
By means of specifically tailored free online courses pupils can prepare themselves for technology studies at the Vienna University of Technology, the Graz University of Technology and the Montanuniversität Leoben.

As of the beginning of March 2018 the three TU Austria universities will offer prospective students three free online courses in mathematics, mechanics and computer sciences/programming in a joint initiative. Pupils and first-year students can prepare themselves in a flexible and targeted manner for the introductory phase of their studies and for the everyday skills required for a technical course of study. The courses will give you the security that you are prepared for your studies and help you to close any gaps in your knowledge before or immediately when you start your studies. The courses were developed by university lecturers from the three TU Austria universities.

The aim of the TU Austria universities is to prepare prospective students as well as first-year students in the best possible way for a technological and scientific course of study and to support them at the beginning of their studies. As an innovative teaching and learning format TU Austria's MINT MOOCs are, in addition to online self-assessments and refresher courses at the three universities at the beginning of the course of study, another measure to support the right choice of a course of study, to facilitate entry into the course of study and thus to avoid drop-outs. The TU Austria's MINT MOOCS are publicly funded as a project for the development of higher education institutions.

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