AAL_5_Alumni AudioLab with Vittorio Pace

3. October 2017 PodcastsAlumni
Vittorio Pace from Italy explains his research on synthesis in organic chemistry. He points out the differences between chemistry and pharmacy and talks about his position as group leader at the University of Vienna.

Vittorio Pace discovered his interest in pharmacy and thanks to his parents, who are both pharmacists. After completing his studies at the University of Perugia, he continued to study in Madrid and Pavia. In 2009 he was awarded an Ernst Mach scholarship to conduct research at the University of Vienna. He is a synthetic medicinal chemist with a particular focus on pharmaceutical chemistry. He did research in Belgium, Stockholm, Manchester and other cities, and since 2014 he has supervised an international group of young scientists, who conduct research on synthetic processes at the University of Vienna.

In this podcast he talks about his life as a researcher, how important (international) contacts are, and he explains what the exciting thing about chemical synthesis is, how it works and what it is actually needed for.