What we advocate

We encourage curiosity and a willingness to innovate

A thirst for knowledge is the breeding ground for innovation, experiments and progress. Our events, calls for proposals and stimuli arouse curiosity as well as a willingness to be surprised and to develop further. The OeAD is always working on engaging with new things and positioning itself more and more as a relevant partner or facilitator in an educational landscape designed for innovation.

We stand for reliability and quality

With reliability and quality the OeAD provides a framework that enables innovation. Our work is characterised by experience, transparency, reliability and customer orientation. We implement our activities with high quality standards, responsibility, teamwork and personal commitment. Processes are continuously developed further on the basis of a living feedback culture and quality management, which distinguishes us as a learning organisation.

We embrace diversity and equal opportunities

The OeAD embraces diversity and equal opportunities as an organisation. The OeAD's support, education and exchange programmes contribute to a positive experience of diversity in a globalised world. Our work promotes equal opportunities by acting in an inclusive way as an agency and supporting lifelong learning. Our staff are characterised by a wide range of lifestyles, cultural backgrounds, language skills and educational paths.