Internationalisation, education, quality and transparency


The key to knowledge and exchange of experience

Internationalisation and the support of transnational cooperation and mobility associated with it are valuable keys in the fields of education, science and research.

Internationalisation – the best investment for the future

Stays abroad contribute to the development of personal skills. They strengthen the innovative capacity of institutions and entire education systems. The encounter with the other leads to more understanding for different positions and to an appreciative approach to diversity. This contributes to an open society.

Success through cooperation

Transnational cooperation supports institutional capacity development: High-quality education, science and research need international orientation in order to not work solely on the basis of national knowledge. International exchange of knowledge and expertise strengthen Austria as a place for education, science and research.

Education and society. Shaping the future together

Get out of the theory – come into the exciting world of research and creativity

Various funding schemes support (vocational) schools and kindergartens in enabling children and youngsters to conduct their own research, become artistically active and skilled in the use of new digital tools.

Arousing curiosity and a willingness to innovate

Children and youngsters will gain insights into different living and working environments. They will try out new things and thus develop and strengthen their individual skills.

At the intersection between education, society, art, culture and science – beyond the regular school system

Education is the capital for the future: with customised offers and a high level of expertise we are committed to supporting the shaping of the education sector.

Transnational cooperation

Transnational teaching and learning visits promote cooperation between people and institutions

Quality and transparency that convince

The aim is to further implement quality assurance and quality development tools in the Austrian education landscape.

Raising the level of education

Reliability and quality provide the framework that enables innovation.

Recognition and comparability of educational qualifications in Austria and Europe

The enhancement of quality and transparency is the basis for sustainable knowledge transfer.

Continuous development

The focus is on the continuous development and assurance of the quality of the educational programmes in Austria and the quality management tools.