Aimen Azamatkyzy: A second home in Krems

25. April 2024 ScholarsAlumni
Picture of Aimen Azamatkyzy in Hallstatt
Aimen Azamatkyzy, a scholarship recipient from Kazakhstan, reflects on her semester at IMC University of applied sciences Krems, which was nothing short of magical.

"My experience in Austria was a dream come true, made possible by the generous scholarship from OeAD. I had the privilege of studying at Fachhohshule Krems for a semester. Krems became my second home where I forged friendships with people from around the world. Exploring Austria was a highlight of my journey. Austria's safety, development, and the warmth of its people stood out. It's among the friendliest and safest countries I've ever experienced. My time in Austria has left an indelible mark, making me seriously contemplate pursuing my master's degree in this magnificent country. Grateful doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this opportunity."

What was your experience of studying in Austria like?

The education system at IMC University of applied sciences Krems impressed me greatly. Studying Tourism, I engaged in captivating projects and tours to exquisite destinations, deepening my passion for my chosen field. My time in Austria has left an indelible mark, making me seriously contemplate pursuing my master's degree in this magnificent country.

What did you particularly like about your studies/university?

I particularly liked the close-knit community atmosphere at IMC University of applied sciences Krems, thanks to its location in a charming town where everyone knows each other. Additionally, the university's consistent organization of various events added vibrancy and social engagement to my academic journey.

What fun activities did you partake in?

During my time in Austria, I had the opportunity to participate in several fun activities. This included tours to Vienna, exploring Krems and Durnstein, and enjoying student parties like the sunset events. I also got involved in festive activities such as crafting Advent wreaths during Christmas events.

What made your stay unforgettable to you?

My stay in Austria became unforgettable due to making friends from around the world, extensive travel across Austria and Europe, and the personal growth that transformed me into a more independent and confident person.

What useful tips could you give to others?

Be open to the world and don't hesitate to communicate. Don't be afraid to ask for help from locals. Enjoy your stay to the fullest because you'll miss it dearly. Study, travel, make friends, and capture memories with lots of photos.

What benefits did being an OeAD Alumni bring to you, and how did it help you throughout your stay?

Being an OeAD Alumni brought numerous benefits during my stay in Austria. The OeAD scholarship provided financial support, making my dream of studying abroad a reality. Moreover, it facilitated my integration into Austrian society by connecting me with a supportive network of fellow scholars and alumni. This network proved invaluable for advice, cultural insights, and friendship. OeAD's ongoing support and resources enhanced my overall experience and helped me navigate the challenges of studying abroad successfully.