HERAS+ Scholarship Programme

The HERAS+ fellowship programme offers (prospective) PhD students and PostDocs a grant for their studies and/or research in Austria. Target group are staff members of Kosovan public higher education and other public research institutions, which plan to carry out a PhD or PostDoc research in Austria. Candidates already enrolled at an Austrian for PhD studies are eligible for finishing their studies (max. 11 months) if they can prove a strong affiliation and engagement for their home institution in Kosovo.

Scholarship amount and age limits:

  • PhD: € 1050,-/month; max. 35 years old (exceptionally 40 years old in case of considerable care responsibilities)
  • PostDoc: € 1.150,-/month; max. 40 years old or max. 5 years after award of the PhD degree
  • Travel costs: € 500,- once

Application Deadline: 13.02.2022

The project “HERAS+ – Higher Education Research and Applied Science in Kosovo” is coordinated by WUS Austria and supported by ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation and the OeAD GmbH. Our role is the administration of the scholarship fund.

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