Our long-standing expertise and services for your scholarship programme!

The OeAD looks back on 60 years of successful programme management and has developed a professional range of services that is highly appreciated by our customers and the commissioning institutions. Our services guarantee the best possible support for scholarship holders before, during and after their stays in Austria. For this reason there are, in addition to the providers of national or public funds, also other bodies and institutions in Austria and abroad that use the services surrounding the esteemed label "OeAD scholarship holder". Information and reports about already existing programmes that are financed by third party funds (i.e. not by ministries or other national institutions) is available here:

For higher education institutions (and their departments) but also research institutions and businesses wishing to provide funds to support study and research stays of foreign master's and PhD students in Austria the OeAD offers the management of these scholarships as a modern and uncomplicated service package, especially for persons from third countries. The professional range of services, which has been successfully developed over more than 60 years, guarantees the best possible support; these students will also benefit from the label "OeAD scholarship holder", which is highly valued by the Austrian representative authorities in particular. The services of the Department for International Cooperation in Higher Education’s Mobility Programmes, Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation sector include, depending on what is requested

  • conception and advertising of the scholarship programme
  • advisory services and conducting the selection procedure
  • worldwide advertising via different channels
  • and the support of the scholarship holders before, during and after their stays in Austria.

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