Interdisciplinary topics

We are committed to equal opportunities and an appreciative approach to diversity:

Equal access to education and research opportunities and an appreciative approach to diversity in education and research contribute essentially to equal social and economic participation of all in the knowledge society and to strengthening social cohesion.

We are committed to tackling climate change and sustainable development:

Climate change requires fundamental changes in the economy and society. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a global framework for sustainable development has been created. Education and research play an important part in achieving the seventeen SDGs. International mobility is an important development tool but it must also be of high quality and as climate-friendly as possible. Within the OeAD, too, we intended to focus even more than is already the case now on climate and environmentally friendly working practices.

We are committed to digitisation:

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. In order to understand the potential of digitisation, to critically reflect on it, to use it and to participate as responsible citizens in economic and social processes in the digital world and to help shape them we need appropriate skills and tools. However, digitisation also significantly changes how we learn and which teaching and learning settings we need for this. We offer a platform for exchange on the use and resulting consequences of digital transformation and apply it ourselves in administration and communication to facilitate interaction with our clients and stakeholders.

We are committed to developing the self-image as European citizens:

The success of the European Union depends strongly on a positive image, on knowledge of diversity and on a sense of belonging of its citizens in a globalised world. Strengthening the European Education Area and promoting exchange, mobility and transparency are important instruments for this. We want to strengthen the awareness of European values among the population.