OeAD Statement

We are shocked by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the dramatic developments of the last few days. The war against Ukraine is not only an attack on innocent people; it is also an attack on the education, society and institutions of the country. Our thoughts are with the victims, with our Ukrainian colleagues and with our partners and friends. Educational and scientific cooperation between Austria and Ukraine has a long tradition. The OeAD is committed to peaceful and open exchange in education, science and culture and maintains numerous forms of cooperation with institutions in Ukraine, which always rely on respect, mutual appreciation and great professional expertise. We will continue this cooperation under all circumstances.

The OeAD supports projects between Austrian and Ukrainian partners as well as student and lecturer mobility. In close coordination with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research we are constantly monitoring the situation in Ukraine. For security reasons we have called our staff in the OeAD cooperation offices in L’viv and Odesa as well as our lecturers in Ukraine back to Austria. However, we are still in close contact with the offices and our cooperation partners.

We, the OeAD, have taken the following measures:

  • Ukraine Infopoint with FAQs on our website at www.oead.at/ukraineinfo
  • Erasmus+ and ESC: The “force majeure” regulations will, among other things, allow Ukrainian students to stay in Austria longer.
  • Our OeAD Housing Office will provide accommodation for 30-50 refugees.
  • Information on regulations of the law relating to aliens and further link collections
  • Online trainings on crisis intervention for Ukrainian project partners in pre-university educational cooperation
  • Online trainings on crisis intervention for volunteers taking care of Ukrainian refugees in the Republic of Moldova