Summer University Programs: Sustainability and Socio-Economic Transformation

17. April 2024 ScholarsCallHigher Education
Apply for a transformative summer experience exploring sustainability and socio-economic values with our two dynamic programs.


The "Green.Building.Solutions." Summer University offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications in the realm of sustainable architecture and engineering. Participants engage in workshops, site visits, and lectures led by industry experts, immersing themselves in the latest advancements in passive house planning, sustainable urban development, and renewable energy technologies.

With a focus on holistic solutions, the program equips future architects, planners, and engineers with the skills and insights necessary to tackle pressing environmental challenges.

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AEMS Summer University

The AEMS Summer University is a dynamic platform for exploring the intersection of economics, society, and sustainability. Through a series of interactive lectures, panel discussions, and workshops, participants delve into topics such as the role of money in shaping societal values, the challenges of transitioning to a social ecological economy, and collaborative strategies for effecting systemic change.

With a focus on fostering international dialogue and collaboration, the program cultivates a diverse community of students and professionals dedicated to driving positive socio-economic and environmental transformation.

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