School Education


With its programme ERINNERN:AT the OeAD deals with teaching and learning about National Socialism, the Holocaust and the prevention of anti-Semitism through education. The programme promotes the transfer of historical and methodological and didactic knowledge as well as reflection on its significance for the present. In national and international educational projects the OeAD develops teaching materials for educational professionals and also offers conferences, webinars and seminars for them. The OeAD implements its programme ERINNERN:AT on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF).
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Cultural Education with Schools

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) the "Cultural Education with Schools" department works at the interface between schools, the arts and culture. In this context, participatory cultural education projects and activities with schools throughout Austria are conceived, accompanied, promoted, and given advisory and organisational support.

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Public Science: science in dialogue with schools and society

Public Science consists of the OeAD Centre for Citizen Science with its focus on science education at schools (Young Science) and the funding measures Sparkling Science 2.0. and Children’s and Youth Universities.

The OeAD Centre for Citizen Science acts as an information, advisory and service centre for Citizen Science. The aim is to anchor the Citizen Science approach in the science and education landscape. Moreover, the OeAD Centre for Citizen Science offers initiatives for science education at schools (Young Science).

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) the OeAD’s Public Science unit also manages the programmes “Sparkling Science 2.0”, in which high-quality citizen science research projects are funded, and the “Children’s and Youth Universities” with the extension module “Holiday Care with a Scientific Claim”.

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Erasmus+: The EU programme promoting school education in Europe

With Erasmus+ School Education the European Union supports transnational cooperation between kindergartens, schools and other institutions related to school education. Moreover, the programme subsidises teaching and learning periods of (pre-)school staff in other European countries. Project applications can be submitted by institutions (not by individuals) to the National Agency Erasmus+ Education.

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Digital Learning

The Digital Learning Initiative is part of the Austrian Federal Government's 8-point plan for digital education and has set itself the goal of equipping the 5th and, on a one-off basis, also the 6th grades with digital terminals from the school year 2021/22. The purpose of the initiative is to create the pedagogical and technical prerequisites for IT-supported teaching and to provide pupils with access to digital education on a level playing field.

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Developing schools – Shaping education

Funded by the Foundation for Innovation in Education the call for proposals “Schule entwickeln – Bildung gestalten” (“Developing Schools – Shaping Education”) was launched at the OeAD on 1 June 2021. To reflect learning effects from the Covid 19 situation and to set systematic measures for school development schools can apply for up to 2,000 euros for activities in the first school semester 2021/22. Funding is available e.g. for professional development and coaching or digital development measures.

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Prevention of extremism

Over the next three years pupils from all types of schools all over Austria will be made increasingly aware of the issue of extremism and their resilience to radicalisation will be strengthened. With this call the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research invites organisations and individuals to submit proposals for the prevention of extremism at school.

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