Partner Countries

Partner countries of the educational cooperation and project examples

On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) the OeAD maintains and supports a network of cooperation offices in Eastern European and South-Eastern European partner countries, which are managed by Austrian educational coordinators.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the OeAD the educational coordinators promote exchange and cooperation between educational institutions in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and Austria.

The network of educational coordinators consists of the Regional Cooperation Office Tirana (responsible for Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia), the Regional Cooperation Office Sarajevo (responsible for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro) and the Cooperation Offices in Chişinău, Odessa and St. Petersburg.

Regional Cooperation Office Tirana:
Rr. Mustafa LLeshi, Godina e Thesarit të Tiranës, Kati i tretë,Tiranë (ish -trikotazhi) 10000 Tirana

Regional Cooperation Office Sarajewo:
Vilsonovo šetalište 10/II/236, 71000 Sarajevo

Cooperation Office Chişinău:
str. Stefan cel Mare 180, off. 1014, 2004 Chișinău

Cooperation Office Odessa:
Nationale Polytechnische Universität Odessa, Shevchenka Prospekt 1, 65044 Odessa

Cooperation Office St. Petersburg:
St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education Centre for International and Interregional Cooperation 11/13 Lomonosova st., RF 191002 St. Petersburg


Hochhaus im Skelettbau (opens image in lightbox) © Dritan Hyska/Dritan Hyska

In close cooperation with the the Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, the Ministry of Education and Sports, the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and other Albanian educational institutions the OeAD implements projects in the fields of vocational education and training, gender equality and the introduction of competence-based learning.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In close cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministries of Education of both entities and all cantons in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education the OeAD implements a number of educational projects.

Republic of Kosovo

Werkabbildung Driton Hajredini (opens image in lightbox) © Driton Hajredini/Driton Hajredini

In close cooperation with Kosovo's Ministry of Education the OeAD carries out projects in the field of teacher training and in-service training. The projects focus on quality development, new forms of teaching and learning and social inclusion.

Republic of North Macedonia

Werkabbildung Aleksandra Petrusevska (opens image in lightbox) © Aleksandra Petrusevska/Aleksandra Petrusevska

Working in close cooperation with the North Macedonian Ministry of Education and with other educational organisations on site the OeAD implements educational projects in the fields of vocational education and training and education for sustainable development.

Republic of Moldova

Werkabbildung Pavel Braila © Pavel Braila/Pavel Braila

Together with the Ministry of Education of Moldova and local organisations the OeAD implements projects focusing on vocational education and training (agriculture, business) and inclusive education.

Republic of Montenegro

Werkabbildung Irena Lagator Pejovic © Irena Lagator Pejovic/Irena Lagator Pejovic

In close cooperation with Montenegro’s Ministry of Education and Sports and local organisations the OeAD implements projects to support reforms in secondary (pre-university) education.

Russian Federation

Werkabbildung Haim Sokol (opens image in lightbox) © Haim Sokol/Haim Sokol

Since 1995 the BMBWF and OeAD have supported the exchange of experience in central areas of educational reform with educational institutions in the northwestern region of Russia through bilateral and multilateral projects.

Republic of Serbia

Werkabbildung Boba Mirjana Stojadinovic (opens image in lightbox) © Boba Mirjana Stojadinovic/Boba Mirjana Stojadinovic

In close cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development the OeAD implements projects in Serbia to support ongoing educational reforms as well as the international exchange of experience.


Werkabbildung Anatolij Belov (opens image in lightbox) © Anatolij Belov/Anatolij Belov

The OeAD implements educational projects in general education in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and the Odessa Regional Administration.