Cultural Education with Schools

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) the "Cultural Education with Schools" department works at the interface between schools, the arts and culture. In this context participatory cultural education projects and activities with schools throughout Austria are conceived, accompanied, promoted, and given advisory and organisational support.

Work in this field is based on the central principle that children and young people should be encouraged to participate actively in artistic and cultural processes and foster their competences, taking the circumstances of their own lives as a point of departure. The projects are carried out in cooperation with artists and cultural professionals as well as with artistic and cultural institutions.

Engaging in direct encounters with artists gives children and young people new ways of accessing and involving themselves in the arts and culture and is thus – also in the context of equal opportunities – an important precondition for participation in the processes of society.

Alongside the cultural education activities in Austria exchange and networking in this field at European level constitute a further thematic focus.

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    • With its cultural education programmes and its large network of cooperation partners the OeAD-GmbH promotes the active involvement of children and young people in various forms of contemporary art and culture. The objective is to promote active participation in the arts and culture on as broad a basis as possible as well as a constructive approach to dealing with diversity and difference in society.
    • The OeAD-GmbH supports collective and individual learning and teaching processes of pupils, teachers, artists and cultural educators, also in terms of a new learning culture at schools.
    • The quality and sustainability of communication between cultural institutions, artists and young people are a central focus. Other important aspects are European developments in and discourses on cultural education.
    • Advice for teachers, artists, cultural educators as well as art institutions and cultural institution
    • Financial support for cultural education activities at schools (e.g. programmes for cooperation with artists in the classroom, exposure of apprentices to art and culture, cooperation between schools and cultural institutions)
    • Funding of up to 2,600 workshops per year within the framework of the "Dialogue Events" programme, Austria's biggest cultural education programme
    • Setting impulses in cultural school development
    • Participation in EU programmes and expert groups of the European Commission
    • Cooperation with national and European networks

Calls for proposals for the school year 2020/21

Overview of all current calls for proposals and closing dates for application for the school year 2020/21.

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Dialogue Events – Experiencing art first-hand

In Dialogue Events artists from all art disciplines work together with teachers and pupils. Schools with pupils who are disadvantaged in terms of opportunities are particularly invited to participate.

Closing date for applications: at least 8 weeks before the start of the project

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Areas of focus

In the school year 2020/21 the OeAD will continue the thematic focus "More than Bytes – Cultural Education and Digital Media" on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF).

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Advice and Services

We are happy to advise and provide information about the possibilities and general conditions of successful cooperation between schools, art and culture as well as about funding possibilities of the OeAD for cultural education projects.

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