Russian Federation

Capital: Moscow
Area: 17,098,200 km²
Population: approx. 142.2 million
Official languages: Russian and co-official languages in various regions

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Saint Petersburg

Since 1995 the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the OeAD have supported the exchange of experience in central areas of education reform with educational institutions in the northwestern region of Russia through bilateral and multilateral projects.

Key focuses:

  • Entrepreneurship Learning
  • Basic digital skills
  • Promoting the educational dialogue – the education forum in St. Petersburg


Entrepreneurship Learning at schools of vocational education and training
Strengthening the labour market relevance and quality of vocational education and training is one of the Russian Ministry of Education’ priorities. In addition to job-specific skills, as defined in the "World Skills Standards", there is, as in Austria, an increasing focus on teaching entrepreneurship skills. In order to successfully impart entrepreneurship skills new teaching/learning approaches that create scope for the development and implementation of new ideas and promote creativity are needed.

The aim of the project is to promote innovative approaches in the imparting of entrepreneurship skills at schools of vocational education and training in theoretical and practical subjects in a Russian-Austrian exchange of experiences. Three Austrian and four Russian schools of vocational education and training from different sectors (tourism, economics, and technology) that already implement innovative approaches of entrepreneurship learning will exchange experiences and develop methodical approaches further. The product will be an online platform in the form of a collection of practical methods for the implementation of entrepreneurship learning in the classroom at schools of vocational education and training.

The method box will be made available to all schools of vocational education and training in St. Petersburg on the web portal of the College of Radio Engineering. Moreover, a practice-oriented further education course has been jointly developed by the Academy for Postgraduate Teacher Education and the Russian pilot schools on the basis of the project experiences.

By the end of 2020 teachers from all schools of vocational education and training in St. Petersburg should have completed the theoretical part of the course at the Academy and the practical part at the pilot schools.

Basic digital skills
Both in Austria and in Russia innovative concepts for the promotion of basic digital education are available and are constantly developed further. A challenge for Austria and St. Petersburg is the nationwide promotion of basic digital skills and the involvement of all teachers and schools.

In cooperation with the Education Committee of the City of St. Petersburg, the Academy for Postgraduate Teacher Education, the Centre for Digital Skills and other relevant institutions in St. Petersburg the OeAD will support the Russian-Austrian exchange of experiences in the development and implementation of corresponding further education, training and networking offers in cooperation with the University College of Teacher Education Upper Austria and the e-education network.

First exploratory steps for the project development were taken in the autumn of 2019 during the delegation visit in Linz and the Russian delegation’s participation in the e-education conference 2019 in Vienna.