How the OeAD promotes school education in Europe

Rote Türen mit Bleistift aus Karton © OeAD/Gianmaria Gava
Kinder ziehen an einem Bleistift aus Pappe © OeAD/Gianmaria Gava

Erasmus+: The EU programme to promote school education in Europe

With Erasmus+ School Education the European Union supports transnational cooperation between kindergartens, schools and other school-related institutions. The programme also subsidises teaching and learning visits of (pre-)school staff in other European countries. Institutions (not individuals) can submit project applications to the OeAD as the national agency for Erasmus+.

Erasmus+ for pupils: Pupils have the possibility to attend a school abroad in a group for several days or weeks and also alone for several months up to a year.

Erasmus+ for educators, teachers and other staff from the pre-school/school sector: Teaching stays, job shadowing and professional development courses abroad can be organised.

Erasmus+ for kindergartens, schools and other school-related institutions: Erasmus+ supports transnational cooperation between kindergartens, schools, authorities and other school-related organisations. The programme distinguishes between various options, such as:

  • eTwinning: eTwinning is an online network for schools and kindergartens in Europe. It offers possibilities for professional development and project co-operation.
  • School Education Gateway: School Education Gateway is a multilingual, open community for all those involved in school education in Europe who want to contribute to improving the quality of school education.
  • European School Education Platform: The European School Education Platform  has united eTwinning and School Education Gateway under one roof since 2022. All interested parties from primary education, school education and vocational education and training can access the new website with an EU login.